Phil England

Climate Radio programmes are produced by independent journalist Phil England for the award-winning community arts station ResonanceFM and rebroadcast by a network of community radio stations in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the United States via A-Infos Radio Project and The Pacifica Network in the US through their Audioport facility. The programmes were also made shared with The Ecologist, New Internationalist and Indymedia.

In December 2009 Climate Radio radio expanded its team in order to produce a daily broadcast from Copenhagen. Find out more on the Copenhagen Daily team page. Climate Radio has also archived the Deep Fried Planet series presented by Joss Garman, Ben Stewart and Pat Thomas during 2010.

You can read what others said about Climate Radio on our Testimonials page.


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Many thanks to Ed Baxter at ResonanceFM for comissioning these programmes in the first place and for his help with fundraising; to George Marshall at Climate Outreach & Information Network for his enthusiastic championing of a fledgling project and for taking the initiative to establish this archive back in 2005; and to Richard Hawkins of Public Interest Research Centre for offering to implement and oversee the archive’s redesign in 2009. Special mentions also to Shtig for the original Climate Radio logo design and to Matthew Carroll for designing the original archive, hosting and technical assistance.

Others without whom this would have not have been possible: Richard Gallon, Matthew Herbert and The Ex with Getachew Mekuria (theme music), Kay Grant, Matt Sellwood, Navid, Pedro Navarro, Chris Weaver, Richard Thomas, countless engineers at ResonanceFM, Ben House, Caroline Kraabel, John & Jean England and everyone who agreed to take part in a broadcast.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of those listeners who have offered words of support, thanks and encouragement along the way. May your dreams of a better future come true.


Many thanks to Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian, Artists Project Earth, National Lottery Awards For All and The Ecologist for their financial support for this project between 2006 and 2009.

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No-strings, ethically-sourced funds for this kind of independent work are increasingly difficult to come by – especially in the current economic conditions – and our current funding has expired half-way through 2009. We kept our coverage going up to and through the Copenhagen talks, even though this put us in debt. So if you have found our work useful, please consider making a small donation via paypal using the button in the left-hand menu on the home page. It will be greatly appreciated!